Dial Tone Pictures, based in New York City, was formed in 2008 by three filmmakers and old friends—Max Azulay, Matt Porter, and Phil Primason. Dial Tone has written and independently produced a total of five short films, all of which are available for viewing on our website (www.dialtonepictures.com). “MORE PERFECT UNION” (2011), a thirty-minute comedy, competed at the DeadCenter Film Festival in Oklahoma City, Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival, and was shown as part of the NewFilmmakers screening series at the Anthology Film Archives on the Lower East Side. Dial Tone’s subsequent films, a series of sub-ten minute character-based comedies, were shot in a period of nine months and featured a community of emerging and veteran talent, including comedian Leo Allen (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Comedy Central Presents), Mark Blum (Desperately Seeking Susan), E.J. Bonilla (“Revenge”, Four), and Kevin O’Rourke (Boardwalk Empire). Dial Tone’s most recent film “FIRST TIME” (2012), was screened as an official selection of the L.A. Comedy Festival.

Dial Tone makes its living in the field of character-based narrative comedy. With an approach influenced in part by past experiences working with comedy institutions like the Upright Citizens Brigade and The Onion, Dial Tone aims to tell accessible, well-crafted stories that make you laugh, hit you in the gut, and remind you of home.

DTP Reel 2013 from Dial Tone Pictures on Vimeo.